What I appreciate about app 4.0

I updated to 4.0. Love the update. What I appreciate:

  • Everything is faster.
  • more easily switches between languages
  • bug fixes - everything seems to work perfectly.
  • clicking on words is more responsive. It is easier to select new phrases.
  • pagination: A+. Reading with LingQ feels like reading with Kindle.
  • dictionary / word lookup improvements: especially with Latin where Google Translate is more limited, the way the app jumps from reading, to the hint editor, to a third party dictionary on another site and back, is intuitive and frictionless. Well done!
  • real-time coin counting: It is a small thing but provides an additional layer of satisfaction especially in a challenging text.
  • The lessons feed - I got a kick out of seeing “so-and-so read this 2 minutes ago.” Good to see what others are doing.

Thanks to the LingQ staff for all your hard work.


I agree…it looks that good

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Thanks so much! It would help us out a lot if you could post that review on the App Store for us if it’s not too much trouble. Just go to the app page in the app store.


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