What has been your experience with Lingopie?

I was looking at Lingopie as a supplement to my LIngq for listening and wondering what everyone’s experience with it has been.
I definitely watch a number of shows and was hoping to use it as a listening resource for extra Brazilian shows, especially Telenovelas given how many episodes those have. In addition I plan to watch Japanese Drama’s and Animes on it. Lastly, as I am a big K-Drama I really want to use it to really boost my Korean learning later on. Heck the way I say “Pabo” I believe I learned from “1% Of Anything” or “Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang”.
I really hope to hear everyone’s experience who has used this program.

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Also interested

It`s my first experience

i can advice similar site - ororo.tv

Its a shame that the import from youtube doesn’t work on this site (lingq)in a similar way.

I tried it, but I just don’t see how it’s better than it’s free counterpart languagereactor.


Ororo.tv seems like a good site and recommended for English learners but not so much for others as I took a quick look on it.

Ahhh I have seen this before, I will have to wait until it launches on Firefox or Edge. I would use this except it’s limited to Chrome.
When it launches on those I will definitely use it though.

Chrome extensions work fine in Edge. You just need to set “Allow extensions from other stores” here: edge://extensions/ . I’ve been using this extension with Edge for quite some time and not seen any issues.

I am curious what was their depth of content. I mean if they do have Brazilian Telenovelas along with Korean dailies I am definitely interested. I mean some of the K-Drama’s sites, esp. one I found a deal with, I found I can’t turn off the English subs. As for Brazil, at least with American Netflix they have a lot of Brazilian Portuguese stuff but I haven’t seen many, if any, Brazilian Telenovelas. I mean having 50 or more episodes is great for practicing listening and speaking.

Whatever you do, just note that they don’t use SRS (Spaced Repetition System), so you won’t be reviewing the new words you learn