What happens when the material is truly compelling

This is what happens when I am enjoying my reading. I.e. the “good parts“ of a good book:


What are you reading? I find the same thing with books. Certain scenes you just want to keep going and others not so much.

That is “Die Arena” (German translation of Under the Dome by Stephen King)

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Have you read it in English already or did you go in blind? I find it tempting to read the English and then the translation but don’t know if that would be a help or a hinderance

I’ve done it both ways with various books in the past, but lately, including this book, I’ve only read in my target language.
Undoubtably, some richness is lost in a translation. But I’m on a mission to read 100 novels in German, so native German and German translations are the only things I’m reading.


That’s an epic goal! What was your first German novel/novella?
I’ve only just got to the stage where I am beginning to read novels and using LingQ does help with understanding. I’m reading Die Sandmagier band 1 and being a proper adult fantasy it is slow going but the growth in vocabulary is definitely worth it :slight_smile: Novels also seem to have the simple past tense more often than spoken German which is useful.

Under the Dome should count as like 3 novels. That book is soooo long! I have been wanting to read it for years, but it’s so thick!