What Happened?

Had to open this new account since my original account seemed to quit working for me for some reason. Could not log in, and thus there was no other way to contact you (that I knew of). Could you please check into this for me, as I would like to restore my original account, which I have had for a couple of years now. Thanks. Formerly known as Banjolover.


There appear to be no problems with your original account, as it is still active in our system. Have you tried using the Forgot Password function to recover your login information? The email we have on file is mic***47 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Is this still correct?

Thanks Alex… It is working OK now. I guess I had changed my account password a while ago, and I am able to logon with that new p.w. Still, I should mention, I never did get any email reply when I tried to use the “lost password” function as you suggested. I tried it several times from different computers, using different browsers. Since all seems to be OK now, do you suggest that I close out this second account?

Hmm, it’s strange that you are not receiving the email. Perhaps you can check to see if your email address is correct. You can change it at any time on the Account page.
Since you’ll be using your primary account, you are welcome to cancel the account you just created.