What happened to the way flashcards used to work?

I can’t see the option to randomize the flashcards so that they don’t keep showing in the same order. Also when doing Lingqs of the day the pool of 25 flashcards used to get reduced each time you got one word right twice in a row (that card would be learned and eliminated from the session), untill you had no more flashcards left to review in that session. This was a fun and interactive way to do your Lingqs of the day and clearly showed you which words you needed to concentrate on to remember.

Now the computer simply shows you each word twice and then says ‘session complete’, regardless of whether you got them right or not.

A lot of the purpose and character of the flashcards has gone. Am I missing something?


The flashcard feature could be great here, but it’s lacking. We seem to have little control over it. Havent found any resource with a good flashcard feature, and I like them. Wish there were a feature to buiild our own decks here.