What happened to the Avatar?

Does anyone know what happened to my Avatar?


Did you leave it out over night? It does look a bit cold. Perhaps you ought to invest in a garment or two and then it might turn pink again…

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@elguero - I assume that instead of the colour, you’re referring to the items that seem to have gone missing. Take a look at the details of our update from December, 2013 to learn more: http://lingqcentral-en.lingq.com/major-updates-site-redesign

Essentially, we updated the cost of items, so you should be able to go to the Avatar Store again and repurchase any missing items that were reset with the update.

Speaking of the Avatar, I have another question: Why didn’t I get any further coins? Since the latest major update I’ve added hundreds of new Lingqs and learned many words with the Flash cards, but I didn’t get even a single coin for it. Well, I`m just curious to know the reason :wink:

@il_melomane70 - Hmm, that’s very strange. Is the coin progress bar on the lesson page moving at all?

No, I still only have the four coins which I already had at the beginning. Before the change from points to coins, I got new points almost daily (for new Lingqs as well as for words changing to “known words”, even when I “downgraded” some old Lingqs from status 4 to 2, what I still do with words I’ve forgotten the meaning of in the course of time).

@il_melomane70 - There is a progress bar at the bottom that should move each time you create a LingQ: http://screencast.com/t/ZQT0Q6ummpz

Do you see this moving when you create LingQs, or is it stationary?

No, I don’t see this moving. But, after opening a new lesson, creating 3 Lingqs and moving about 20 others to “Known” I got at least one additional coin (by accident?). It doesn’t work at all, when I add Lingqs manually nor when I move words to “Known”.

@il_melomane70 - would you be able to make a screencast showing you creating LingQs and your progress bar? It would be very helpful. To make a screencast, you may want to use Jing: http://jing.en.softonic.com/