What happened to some lessons?

Hey, I took a break from lingq for a couple months and am back now. I went into these series of lessons I was studying “chinese radio transcripts” and some of the lessons I was studying are no longer there? Particularly one that was called “how to sell up and travel the world” this was a really good one, what happened to it?


Have you checked your archive? Lessons that you’ve opened should be available in “My lessons” or in the archive.

I’ve split that course up into three separate courses:

General Chat Radio Transcripts - Mandarin: Login - LingQ
Liu Jiang’s Happy Space: Login - LingQ
Morning coffee : Login - LingQ

My focus is to grow the last two of these courses. The idea is to have more lessons like the “sell up and travel the world”, and have them in the huanle kongjian course. The other idea is to have more lessons like the zao kafei course - where it is rapid fire 3-way chat with radio phone in - a real test of Chinese listening.

another idea I’m playing with is an intro into xiangsheng. But this won’t happen for a while, my time is a bit limited at present.