What happened to Russian Made Easy?

I’ve been studying the Russian Made Easy course and was up to lesson 15. Today the lessons have all disappeared, and it says they have been deleted by the content provider. Is there really no way to listen to them anymore?! This was my primary study material for Russian and I feel lost without it.

Maybe it has been deleted because it is copyrighted, and the provider had no permission to upload it here on LingQ? But this is just a guess.

But there is a simple solution: You can import the lessons from http://russianmadeeasy.com/ on your one as private lessons.

Thanks Veral for your quick answer. Actually I got the name wrong; the course was Easy Russian For Everybody. It was from an old Soviet-era textbook that now seems to be out of print (Amazon.com). It had quite a few roses so it seemed like it had been up on Lingq for quite awhile, and now suddenly it’s gone.

@junglegirl - Many of the lessons on LingQ have been uploaded by members of the site rather than us at LingQ. The uploader has control over whether the content is private, shared or deleted, so it sounds like the uploader deleted this content for some reason.

VeraI’s suggestion is exactly what I would recommend - you can import these lessons manually and study them as private lessons on the site.

But import them from where?! As I mentioned, it was not Russian Made Easy I was looking for (my mistake), but rather Easy Russian for Everybody, which is an old textbook that seems to be out of print.

Oh, wow! That’s too bad. I was enjoying that course too. I really liked the speakers’ voices.

I guess it was illegally shared because this book seems to be still under copyright. Can’t you remember who the provider was? You can ask if he/she shares it privately with you.