What happened to playlists?

I never used the playlist functionality, but I decided to try it out on my Android device for a private course I made. However I can no longer find any reference to playlists on the website, and the playlist I created using the android app doesn’t appear to work. It allows me to create a playlist by holding down on a lesson, but then when I try to open the playlist on the app, the playlist is empty…

Did playlists get removed at sometime without me noticing it?

I’ve also wondered what has happened to playlists.

Hi gregf,
Right now playlists on the mobile app are not related to website and are created on your device separately.
I’ve just tried to create Playlist on my android device and it seems that it works fine. After I create playlist and add a few lessons into it, I am able to open playlist normally and play lessons.
Would you please try again and if you are still not able to add lessons into Playlist, please reinstall the app. That should solve your problem.