What for? or Why?

Hi, I’m not sure when to use “what for” and when “why” Is there some special situations for use either?

In this part can only answer an other member how me:

In my understanding “why” is a question word when you ask about a reason and then it is the first word: Why is this flower red?
it can be used in other forms too: I don’t know why the flower is red.

What for is more a connection in a sentence or in the meaning for what purpose: What for is this tool? Or What is this tool for?

Perhaps another member can tell us more because here in this part you will not have an answer from a tutor.

Thanks Irene,

bytor, I suggest you join as a Plus or Premium member in order to be able to ask questions of a tutor.

If you do not want to pay for a tutor you should work harder as a free user of LingQ, rather than just asking questions. You can save “what for” and “why” in LingQ and see the example phrases that are created.

You do not need to understand everything right away in a language. Just keep reading and studying at LingQ and the language will become clearer. It takes time and hard work. In over 2 months you have saved very few LingQs in our system. In the same period I have created almost 3,000. I suggest you get to work.

Para que (what for) estas estudiando Ingles? Porque (why) no haces mas esfuerzo tu mismo?

Hi,i`m just wondering how could you guys get involved in such a brain washing question like the above mentioned one:)Thinking too much before saying s.t will seriously damage your fluency.
I went there.Why did you go there?
I went there.What for?:slight_smile: