What exactly are challenges?

Is there a summary of what challenges are and how to use them? I found some videos on YouTube, but they all seem to be 45-60 minutes.

My basic questions about challenges are:

  1. Do challenges include specific lessons?
  2. Is it just a way of measuring your efforts and giving yourself rewards?
  3. Do you have to join at the time the challenge starts?
  4. Is there a brief explanation or blog on challenges?


I think they’re just a way of measuring yourself against other people. They used to have rewards attached to the avatars but that feature is gone now.

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Wow, there are 45-60 minute videos on YouTube about LingQ challenges?? As far as I understand, it is a simple feature … just join one, keep studying as usual, and occasionally check in to see if you’re meeting the “goals” of the challenges. To answer your questions…

  1. No specific lessons
  2. They provide no metrics beyond what’s already in your “statistics” but they do let you “compete” against other users; the only reward is a “badge” on your profile
  3. You can join any time, and your progress since the start of the challenge (even before you joined) will be counted
  4. What is a Challenge?
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