What English Forums Do You Use OUTSIDE of LingQ?

What English forums do you use OUTSIDE of LingQ? (And why?)

http://www.quora.com/ IS PRETTY awesome. It is in English and the questions and answers are on a myriad of topics, including but not exclusively, the English language

I just started using it because I had some questions I wanted answers to. So far, the responses have been timely and helpful. And today I hung out answering tons of questions about the English language. I hope to visit Quora whenever I have a question and then hang out to help others by answering their questions, well the ones that I know the answers to. :slight_smile:


BBC Learning English, British Council, dictionary.cambridge.org, urbandictionary.com… They’are great.

Oh, another one: http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com

When I heard Donald Trump (Full Interview: Donald Trump, Melania & Family with George Stephanopoulos - YouTube) saying " … give me a break", I checked it at idioms.thefreedictionary.com

http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com is an awesome resource! Thank you! I didn’t notice but does the site also have a forum where people can post questions and answer questions?

Thank you for sharing these two resources. :slight_smile:
A "forum"on internet might also be called a “message board”. As a member of a forum you c an write your questions and you can also respond to the questions of other members.

It just occurred to me that in a YouTube video or a Google Plus post we often find people asking and answering questions in the comment sections. It is something like a “forum” but in a forum you can actually do keyword searches and it is organized in a way that makes seeing the questions, and the corresponding answers more user-friendly.

Give me a break! You do know how it Works, don’t you?

Reddit. It’s the front page of the internet.

Got it! https://www.reddit.com/ Thanks! Why do you use Redit, ColinJohnstonov?

I don’t understand your response. Let me rephrase my question. Does http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/ have a forum?

It’s the best place on the internet for interesting discussions about basically any topic, and also for finding links to interesting content. There are decent parts of the website in other languages, but it is best in English. For advanced English learners, it’s a great place to go for reading and writing practice.

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Got it! So you use it for interesting discussions on a variety of topics. Nice! Thanks! :slight_smile: