What dose the south American English accent sounds like?

Hi,guys,I am just wondering what dose the south American English accent sounds like?(I am not talking about South America here,I am talking about ppl who lived in the south of USA,do they have a speical accent?)In addition,I would like to know dose american English has some dialects?What are they?And how they sound like?

PS:If you are from US,I would like to ask you make a short sound file for me,plz!Or just give me any links about it.I had a great intrest about American English ,so dose Canadian English,I really wanna figure out what are the big differnets between these English accents.LOL,I just can’t see what the big different of pronunciations between US and CAN English.

There isn’t a single Southern accent. You can sample many accents by going to the Speech Accent Archive. This is the address: http://accent.gmu.edu/

This fantastic site has a Creative Commons License. It comes from George Mason University in Fairfax,
Virginia and includes accents from around the world.

I know that you wondered about how to ask your original question, so I would like to suggest these possibilities: “What Does the Accent of the American South Sound Like?” or “How Does the Southern Accent of American English Sound?”

Thanks maitee,my English is not good engouh but that’s why I am working on it.LOL!I am glad that you always willing to correct my English.

You’re welcome. The titles I suggested sound formal, but they will be understood.

It sounds funny! Everyone likes to call you Love. “Hey love, how are you today?” “How can i help you love?” lol

I live in Western North Carolina. Each city has its own “sound,” and if you go out in the rural ares, it’s quite hard to understand people (and I’m from here), so it’s hard to generalize. “Y’all” is about the only common feature (and the most renowned).

My dad is from Macon, Georgia and my mom is from Atlanta, Georgia and they even sound completely different. Southern accents stretch from Texas all the way through Maryland, with each major city having its own “sound” and the rural areas – being completely isolated, for the most part – have their own dialects, which really should be considered as such.

It is often said that southerners speak slowly, but they really don’t (other than, again, the rural areas, along with parts of North Carolina). They often catch a lot of flack for sounding different, too, which is ridiculous.

To Will, many times when i watch the American movies,the actors/actress who’s always swallowing the words,specailly the younger generations ,and the girls. It’s like you can hear couple of the words at the beginning or at the end of dialog,in the middle ,you just lost it,even you try to listen that again,you still didn’t get anything.Some of my freinds told me it’s probably because they are from south,and I guess that’s why I am really wondering what dose the accent sound like.LOL,sometimes I really doubt if the actor/actress in the american movies who’s speaking English or not.

To missj,I am sorry I don’t really understand what 're you saying.Or you were saying to someone else.

If you still wonder what “southern” accent sounds like, go to the link posted my Maitee. It’s very hard to tell which accent is used in the movies you have watched.

American movies typically don’t use southern accents (they’re considered unsophisticated), so I’m not sure. Most movies that have “southern” accents have actors with standard accents trying to speak southern in a southern way (and often overdoing it).

…and so is the case with many other accents. Some people believe so much in what they hear and see in movies, so when they hear the real accent, they don’t think it sounds Irish/Scottish/Yorkshire/Jamiacan/etc enough. Oh, the humanity…