What does the yellow circles under vocabulary words mean?


On the screen to the right directly under the word you select in the lingq reader there is between zero and five yellow circles. I can’t figure out what they mean! And this mystery has been bugging me the last week! Can someone please inform me :wink:

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Those yellow circles are actually coins. :slight_smile:
LingQ rewards you for learning and knowing words. When you create a LingQ or make a word known, you earn coins. The number of coins you earn depends on the value of the word. The most common words are considered more valuable and are worth four coins. The less common a word is, the fewer coins you will earn. As you have mentioned, the number of coins each word is worth is shown under the word in the blue and yellow panels.


Thanks for your reply. I noticed I seemed to know a lot more of those words with more coins so that make sense :slight_smile:

When you mean “less common a word is” is it in relation to the lesson we are learning, or in relation with the whole language?

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It is related to the whole language.

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