What does "restore language" mean under preferences?

Here is the context for my question. My account had been dormant for more than a year, but I recently reactivated Premium, in order to get started on French. When I first created my LingQ account more than three years ago, I played around with learning French before focusing exclusively on Spanish. Once I was on track with Spanish, I deleted my French data. Now I am starting anew with French. My account also contains all my old Spanish links and data, and I may also work on Spanish.

Now for the specific question. I went to Preferences and then Languages for my account. The three languages listed are English, French, and Spanish. Next to English and Spanish there is a link giving me the option to eliminate the language, which I certainly don’t want to do for Spanish. Next to French the link offers the option to restart the language. Why are the options different for French and Spanish? (Why English would be listed at all is unclear to me, but that is a separate question, and not an important one.)

It’s good to be back at LingQ. Thanks for you help.

I only see “Delete Language” and “Reset Language”. It’s in fact the same: you will delete all your data for that language and start from zero.
“Reset language” means that you are currently using that language, and that you will use it also in the future, but after clicking that language will be “reset”.

Thank you! I have my interface set to Spanish, where the terms are “eliminar” and “restaurar”. I guess I haven’t done enough on the Spanish side for that language to be seen as active.