What does "onsens" mean?

I don’t understand the word onsens. I read it is a Japanese term.
It is used in sentence: “I go to onsens”.


I’m not absolutely certain, but I think this means “hot springs”.

I found an explanation: Japanese term, used to describe the bathing facilities and inns around the hot springs.
So it has something to with hot springs. Maybe it is a way to cool down yourself when it’s hot?

Yes, it’s a Japanese term and “onsens” means “hot springs”. We usually call it “onsen”, not “onsens”.
Most Japanese love onsen. Me, too.
Go to google images and search “onsen”.

Nobuo, thank you for explanation.
I saw the pictures on google, it’s interesting to know that.
Bye and thanks again.

The person probably said “onsens” because they were likely using English in the sentence where it occurred. For an English speaker, onsen(s) makes sense gramatically. Something like: I want to go to a hot-spring. I go to hot-springs often. I want to go to an onsen. I go to onsens often. In Japanese, it is just onsen, like deer, sheep, or fish. No plural.

Hey, Vonessa, thanks a lot!