What does mean " The average vote"

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I was reading a book, and then read " It is no surprise that politicians seek the Average vote.

What does it mean " the Average vote here?

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Average is average, and vote is vote.
I think you will notice the meaning of the expression by examining the context.

If you want to win a seat, you are likely to accept what the majority of people in your constituency want to do or want you to do. You try to get support from the average sort of voter, that is, to get the average vote. This is my guess about the context of the expression.

Was the word average really written with a capital A?

Honestly, I don’t know what it means. Probably it’s best just to keep reading the book and not worry about this phrase. Most likely, you will never see this phrase again.

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"If voters pick the candidate closer to their views, and voters are spread out across the spectrum, then both candidates would converge to the middle. It’s no surprise that politicians seek the ‘average vote’.”

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Yeah, it is this sentence you quoted Yutaka. What does exactly mean :slight_smile: ? Help guys

“Average vote” might mean a vote by an “average” person, whose position is supposed to be in the “middle” of the spectrum of political opinions.

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I don’t quite agree with you,People here are seeking average idea about the phrase or the collocation of the word group,and you are telling people that should be squeezed out of their brainstorming.Where is your responsibility and liability?lol!I am not a native speaker of english,and i think “average vote” means that the user expects the majority of voters would not choose to vote with their feet.And so by using this expression,the user must have a grand american dream about the voting result.Excuse me,…

I don’t understand what you don’t agree with.