What does 'Done' look like on the SRS screen?

Hi Folks, I am new to LingQ and am really enjoying it. I know there are mixed opinions on whether using the SRS feature is essential, but I enjoy it and am hoping to leverage it in my learning.

I am confused about the SRS screen though, specifically about knowing when I am done with each day’s SRS review. For example, when I hit ‘Review’ button on the Due For Review (SRS) screen and it takes me through a review of 20 terms. Then, it asks if I want to review some more or return to the Vocabulary screen.

Does this go on forever? i.e. If I were to keep hitting the Review More button, would it eventually tell me to quit reviewing and recommend that I go gather new material? Can I set this SRS review limit somewhere like I can do in Anki?

Ideally, I’d like LingQ to limit my daily review sessions so that I get a good mix of studying new material and SRS’ing previously viewed material. Right now, I don’t know what that ratio would be and it would be nice if LingQ set it for me. Maybe a daily progress bar for the Review Activity in addition to the progress shown with the Coins? Maybe it does that and I am just not doing enough SRS’ing every day and the cards are piling up?

I appreciate any guidance you can provide for this newbie. Thanks.

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