What does "both lips touched one's ears" mean?

“Mr Kerry grimaced with such intensity both lips touched his ears. By the time Boris Johnson, the ‘Let’s talk about Syria’ trump card already played, had panicked and given his answer in his preferred Latin (something about obiter dictum), Kerry was already phoning home to book in for another injection.”
Comedian Boris Johnson gets destroyed by hecklers from the American press http://a.msn.com/01/en-gb/BBuwj4K?ocid=st

I can only imagine we’re talking here about a Joker-esque kind of grin, where the corners of the mouth reach to the bottom of the ears!!?

(BTW There were no hecklers in the clip you posted here - weirdly enough, given the title. I thought it was a typically accomplished polished and performance from Johnson.)

BBC article about Mr Johnson’s first week in post as Foreign Secretary:

"…When his appointment was announced, some in the Foreign Office were horrified. One official who was asked for his reaction by a reporter at the Financial Times replied: “Just imagine being told that Piers Morgan had been made the editor of the FT.”

But having spent a few days following Mr Johnson around Washington and New York, I can report that some diplomats are reassessing their view of their new boss. They have woken up to the fact that Mr Johnson attracts attention, both from the media and other politicians. They have a minister who has what one called “rock star status”.

They note the contrast between the foreign secretary and his predecessor, Philip Hammond. One source told me Mr Johnson was a risk-taking James Hunt to Mr Hammond’s more cautious Niki Lauda.


For now diplomats have a foreign secretary whose polymathic brain and linguistic skills they respect…"

“One source told me Mr Johnson was a risk-taking James Hunt to Mr Hammond’s more cautious Niki Lauda.”

The relationship between Mr Johnson and James Hunt can be likened to that between Mr Hammond and Niki Lauda. Is this what the above sentence intended to convey? Was James Hunt as cautious as Niki Lauda?

Or, was James Hunt as risk-taking as Mr Johnson? I don’t know who Mr Hammond is. Is he more cautious or not? Does the writer of the article want to say that Boris Johnson is to Mr Hammond what James Hunt is to Niki Lauda?

Documentary about Hunt vs. Lauda rivalry.