What do you want to achieve this year?

Hi everyone,

“Every time you think you can’t do something… someone else thinks they can.”–Robert Kiyosaki. The ones who believe are the ones who achieve success. All success starts in the mind. What do you want to achieve this year? Leave a comment below!

Being able to understand the French news when the presenter talks slowly. That’d be enough for this year ;D! I really can’t keep up when they’re talking so fast, it’s the only thing I don’t like about French. Don’t like … well, I might be a bit jealous!!

I wanna be able to listen contents which I like (in normal speed of speech) without thinking about the meaning of simple sentences (without waste my time translating the speech in my mind, I mean). At the end of the year, I wish to talk with a native speaker, being understandable to he or she.

Already, I’m being able to read and understand several texts. But I’m not satisfied with this. I have a lack of vocabulary and comprehension when I read a content that I haven’t know. The solution is read and listen a lot, like Steve’s advices.

Like Siccow says. At the moment i have to concentrate very hard to work out the meaning when i listen. I want to reach the stage when i can listen to content and understand while not really paying attention.

Also by the end of the year i wish to have doubled my vocabulary. At the moment i know enough to be able to get by if i was suddenly dropped in Germany and left to fend for myself, but i think 4000 known words should be enough to get me to basic conversational level in most situations.

I remember I went to Trier, Germany sometime and I wanted to order something in the McDonald’s. As a Dutch person I can quite well understand German and after I did the order I wanted to say something like: ‘that’s it or that’s all’. Now in Dutch we would say: “Dat was het.” So I said: “Das was es.” and the other person started to laugh and I was like huh? Soon I realised I just said “that what it”. ;D

Rfl81, what language are you trying to learn?

@siccow: I’m trying to learn English.

I want to be able to understand as clearly as possible what I hear and read in English, especially in the news and movies. Then I want to try to start speaking without thinking and translating words and phrases in my mind. That’s my goal for this year.

I want to learn to read, right and type in Japanese. I’m getting nowhere trying to learn a language I can’t read and write in.

For exactly the same reason is an improvement in my written work one of my goals! Improvement without mastering the written language seems impossible to me. (Although I am not talking Japanese here…, too difficult.)

My Goals for this year is just to generally improve my comprehension of Korean aswell as to improve my korean speaking abilities. To achieve this I just need to learn more vocab by Lingqing more , to listen alot and to actually start producing some output. Easier said than done though but at least I live in korea where I’m surrounded by the korean language…

My goals for the rest of this year are 1) to regain my ability to speak French and 2) to work on reading and understanding Spanish.

I’ve been learning Dutch since the start of Feb. I can hold short conversations and get by with Dutch at the moment. I find audio books aimed at teenages fairly easy to understand - it’s harder without the audio.

By the end of the year. I want to give a speech in Dutch - I’ll be happy with a simple one like introducing myself, what I’m interested in and a bit of background (5 mins or so).

I also want my listening ability to be at a level where I can understand travel, science and geographical TV programmes

i have started learning how to speak and read English by mentions and reading tweets with anyone who speaking very well via twitter web site also that have improved my English compared with last year.

I want to study 1000 words and 100 short sentences in German, Japanese and France within 4 months.

I’d like to speak fluently and to learn, learn and learn new phrases and and lot of new vocabularies. Time is running so fast, sometimes I’ve the feeling time is flying every jear faster and faster and I will spend my time usefully.