What do you say when someone is talking very loudly?

  1. What do you say when someone is talking very loudly?
  2. What would you say if someone is talking very loudly?

Question 1: Are the two sentences are grammatically correct?
Question 2: Is it okay if I use “will” or “would” to go with “when”, the sentence would like this:
What would/will you say when someone is talking very loudly?

Thank you!!

  1. Yes, they are both correct. The first question assumes this is something that happens regularly or often enough so that the person being asked has a ready answer. The second question is the second conditional.

  2. For would+when, no, it’s not correct. The ‘if’ and the ‘would’ go together as a conditional form. For will+when, this feels like a strange construction to me. It sounds like the speaker is very strongly assuming that someone will indeed talk loudly in the future, for no real reason or benefit. I think will+if is better because it leaves open the possibility that someone won’t speak loudly.

Another way of asking that question is: How do you respond when someone is talking too loudly?

A more informal way of saying that is: when someone is being too loud.

A teacher might ask, “What do we say when someone is being too loud?” to a group of young students to find out how they have learned to respond and to start a discussion about the polite way of letting someone know that they are talking too loudly or making too much noise.

Maybe it’s just an Americanism, and perhaps a little old-fashioned, but there’s also this thing parents do when teaching their children manners. If the child receives a gift (or is given anything, really) but doesn’t respond with a polite “Thank-you,” the parent will prompt the child by asking “What do you say?”

There’s also the slang expression, “Whaddya say?” Here is a good dictionary entry on that subject:

You can also do a twitter search for “whaddya say” to find more examples:

To add to jungleboy’s answer to your second question, I offer this song lyric:
What would you do if I sang out of tune?
– With a Little Help from my Friends (Lennon, McCartney 1967) – The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Thank you, brucenator. I really appreciate it. Always learn a lot from your explanation. Lucky me.