What do you look for in a language exchange partner?

Hey everyone! I have practiced my Spanish and Chinese with many people and have had some good and bad experiences. this made me think about what makes language exchange partners helpful or not.

I think this would be an interesting thing to start a conversation about. If you could describe the perfect language exchange partner, what qualities would that person have?

I think interest in interlocutor,
if you colleagues (overall work). interesting to talk about the work.
share the same interests (passions)
it seems to me interesting when attracts looks (has hooked looks)
sorry, it`s my point of view
@ correct me grammar please

With language exchange or Skype contacts it should be a win-win situation, people should be reliable in making appointments and it should “click” on the human side. Also A should offer language(s) which B wants to practise and B should offer language(s) which A wants to practise. So both sides can enjoy the contact and make progress in their languages. It is an advantage if you have common interests beyond languages.


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Hey @Astashonok I don’t really understand the last part of your comment that says: “it seems to me interesting when attracts looks (has hooked looks)”

Does that mean that the person should look attractive? Because if it does, I can understand how an attractive person makes you more interested in practicing with them, because that also makes me more interested haha… But that’s not a requirement for me, it’s just a plus

Yes, you understand me right.
pretty people more motivated to learn the language

Honestly I do not care for many things. Because the majority of people are not interested for my native. At least he/she must speak English (native or ESL).

Yiagos, quite a few people are interested in Greek here at LingQ. :slight_smile:

I do not believe it!
I am going to create a thread for informing any GSL (Greek second language) people!

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TroisRoyaumes I do not expect this!
I know that it is difficult language. On the other hand, I am not a master in English neither a fluent person. Thus I understand the difficulties.

Don’t assume they are ready to talk though.

I think it is about interest and common attributes. If two person have something common between them, then they tend to more indulge, thus learning more and more. You just have to find good partner from some good learning center. Visit following link for more information: https://plus.google.com/100221407942109062153/about