What do you find difficult in the language you are learning? Would you take part in an interview on this?

I would like to do interviews with learners and discuss what they find difficult in the language they are learning. We can share our experiences and talk about these languages. We can do this in any language that we have in common. Please let me know if you are interested. I think this could be of interest to language learners.

I should add, that I would like to publish these as video interviews or as podcasts for the benefit of others, and also as a way to attract some attention to our community here at LingQ.

Hi Steeve,
I could speak with you about what I find difficult in learning a foreign language. It’s odd but what I find the most difficult is to learn a language which is near from my mother tongue. Spanish is difficult for me. But I think I know the reason.
Let’s speak about that.

I’d be interested, Steve.

I’d be glad to be part of it, too =D

That sounds like a very interesting exercise. I’d be very happy to take part.

Thanks for the interest. I would like to record these as a series of short interviews. We could do more than one with each person. I can see them being useful as introductions to a language or as a guide to people who are learning these languages. I wold intend to get into detail about the language.

I will contact you individually on your walls.

I’d be interested Steve, I quite like geeking over the details : )

Count on me Steve, too :slight_smile:

Even though I have done this before I wouldn’t mind being interviewed again.

Sure! We can talk about learning Russian or Japanese.

Rather than me trying to chase everyone down and set up discussion times, if you are interested either comment on my wall with your preferred time, or just send me a little skype chat note, and we can even start right up if we are both on line. Also let me know if you prefer an audio only, or a web cam interview.

I hope to get into the details of these languages, so that we can sort of let people know what they are going to face in these languages, or just to discuss common problems.

Thanks in advance.

Has anything happened with this? I’d be very interested to hear the interviews.

I need people to contact me. Angela are you willing to do an interview?

I’d love to hear more from other language learners and I hope that some of these interviews will be held in a language other than English. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with English, but it would be nice to hear some other languages spoken as well.

@ Steve Oh … I thought you had plenty of interest. I’m willing, I suppose. :slight_smile: I’ll add you on Skype this evening from home.

@ Robert, I’d also be interested in hearing other languages, although I don’t think I personally could do an interview in Spanish because I am not yet fluent (or it would be very painful to listen to).

ad aybee77: I’d love to hear you speak Spanish. Maybe you could agree on what to talk about beforehand, then you could prepare for the interview. Nobody is perfect, so you should not be afraid of making mistakes. However, I don’t want to pressure you into anything you don’t want to do. If you’d rather not do an interview in a foreign language yet, I’d certainly be just as happy to hear you share your experiences with us in English.

ad Friedemann: I read in one thread (I don’t remember which one it was, though) that you did a multi-lingual interview with Steve.Is that interview still available somewhere? It would be great to listen to you guys speaking in different languages.

I have difficult to write in english.
I could to write my ideas , but I never studied grammar rules and I make mistakes when I’m trying to write something.

The people can understand what I say ,but I’ve very difficulty to write the words in the past and future.
And to ask questions.

@ lovelanguages Perhaps I will consider it.