What Content are you Reading/Listening to Currently?

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to hear what content everyone has been listening to and reading at the moment. I think it may be a great way for some people to get exposed to new material or give them some ideas for the future.

As for me, I just finished reading some history on World War I and have been listening to world news podcasts.

What about you all?

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I am really busy at the moment so I haven’t had time to read, although I generally like to read spy novels, I’ve found all Ian Fleming’s Bond books in German on Amazon. I have read Daniel Silva’s spy books in the past, they take a more light-hearted approach. I do prefer the sophistication of Bond and the more morose tone of say maybe John Le Carré. Not really a spy novel writer but Frederick Forysh is another author that I like.

I also like sports autobiographies, Micheal Schumacher, Johann Cruyff, Zlatan Ibrachimovic and José Mourinho’s and a few others are some that I have enjoyed in the past. Especially Johann Cruyff’s I think it appeals to people who are not that interested in football as well. He doesn’t talk about his carrier that much. He talks about his childhood, little bit about his coaching carrier but the book is more philosophical which I like. It has helped me through some tough times.

I would like to read Sophia Loren’s autobiography that I think was published fairly recently, Lucrezia from learn italian with Lucrezia mentions it in her video about 5 books that’s good for italian learners. Susan Cain’s book on introverts is something that I’m reading for my work, introverts are very misunderstood people so that’s a great read.

In terms of listening, I really enjoy ARTE’s YouTube channel content. ARTE’s is a german-french tv company that does docus. They have docus on history and all kinds of stuff, such as apiculture in Slovenia (La Slovénie, le royaume des abeilles). Football clubs also have some interesting content.


If I see an interesting topic in the media, I’ll assemble a packet of a bunch of articles on that subejct, read thorugh it, and then import into LingQ. I just did that today for the Mexican newspaper articles sitting on my desk for a while regarding that attack on the Mormon LeBron family in Agua Prieta Mexico.

However, my main project is working through the transript of all the NetFlix shows I’ve watched over the years. I have about 11,000 blue words to clear.

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Very cool! which shows in particular?

I currently spend my active learning time reading anime subtitles and then watching the episode without. Currently slice of life anime make up the majority of what I’m spending my time on but its been getting easier overtime as I gradually learn the vocabulary used across the genre.
During my passive learning I listen to general podcasts, which have been a nice change from listening to the news as some topics I get a fair bit of information from just via listening, some parts however are bit beyond my understanding but that’s to be expected.

Lots lots lots. Mostly documentaries and telenovelas. I just finished clearing La Reina del Sur. Those remaining are: Lo Que La Vida Me Robo; Teresa; Rubi; and Duenos del Paraiso.

There are a few movies that I can no longer find on Netflix. The only show I can no longer find on Netflix is the Mexican show “El Hotel de Los Secretos.” If anyone knows what, if any Netflix edition it might still be airing on, I’ll use my VPN to get to it. However, right now there is only a Spanish version called “Gran Hotel.”

Right now I’m reading and listening from the website News in slow German.

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Recently I’ve been focusing more on the Dino lernt Deutsch series (both audio and reading). It’s always been in my “library” so to speak but with focus on others at the same time. I’m dedicating more time at the moment to this series than other items. I also occasionally import articles from Nachrichtenleicht.de and the magazine Deutsch Perfekt (I use google translate to take a picture and import). I’ve also recently started on Vera’s Tagebuch here on Lingq. I’ve also recently started reading the first Harry Potter book, but it’s got a lot of vocabulary I have to look up so it’s a bit of a slog.