What can I do with my points?

Hello everyone.

I have this 500 points, and I have no idea what to do with it. I didn’t know at first, that submitting a writing requires some point. But after I finished my writing, it required me a lot more points than I have right now.

What can I do with my 500 points? I have heard that if I don’t use my point, it will be expiring any time real soon.

Thanks for your opinion in advance.

P.S. And how can I do to make some points by correcting people’s writing?

I think you can sign up for a conversation with a tutor with your points…
I’m not sure how you make yourself available to correct writing as a Korean tutor, sorry.

You can use your points to submit a writing for correction, sign up for a conversation with a tutor, purchase premium content in the LingQ Store, or to gift them to other members on LingQ (as a way of saying thanks).

I see you’ve already discovered the writing correction aspect of the site. If your writing exceeds 500 points, then you may want to shorten up the text to make it fit, or you can also purchase more points from the Points page to be able to send the full text.

To set yourself up as a writing corrector for Korean, visit the Settings page and add Korean as a language that you would like to correct writings in. Then, if there are any students who submit writings to you, you will receive a notification.

Thanks maths! 고마워요 Alex!

Oh by the way, can I ask one more question? What can we do with the rose?


We wanted a way for members to be able to publicly recognize other users, as there was previously no way to permanently reward users for helping out or contributing. This way, particularly helpful members will receive recognition among the community. We have also allowed users to gift points to one another as an additional way of thanking fellow members.

I should mention that points are valid for 90 days, so you have plenty of time to use your points :slight_smile: