What can i do to improve my pronunciation?

I’ve been told by someone that learning languages doesn’t requires to have the same accent of its own native speakers and i have never joined a conversation with native (English) speakers , but for me i try every time to copy the american accent from watching English movies but i hope not to be acting to have it.!

People like Egyptian accents a lot, so why try to change it?

Well, if you insist. I suggest just to keep listening tons to American content. I think eventually you’ll learn the pronunciation better and better.
And if you ever do visit, I think that would help too.

Yeah, I badly want to visit the US, just waiting to have my GSEC in here but i’m looking forward to studying there.!

you should to speak frequently.

@Armia - This site “www.antimoon.com” seems to have good advice on perfecting your English accent, but I can’t judge whether it works or not, because I’m not learning English.

I’d have to agree with SolYViento though, why worry about it? There is nothing wrong with having a foreign accent (Bad pronounciation is something to worry about though), indeed it gives people a certain charm.

Armia, as others have said there’s nothing wrong with having a foreign accent in English! As long as you pronounce words clearly people will have no problem understanding you. You could try sounding neutral rather than imitating a pronounced US accent…

Sometimes trying to imitate an accent can sound odd, like using slang. Best to let it happen naturally.

Yes,i know alright but when you learn a new language maybe you would be much interested if you had the opportunity to learn the right pronunciation of its native speakers because The right way to learn a language is to have its four skills plus the right pronunciation.By the way that doesn’t mean that you just would have to act when you speak in order to pronounce the right way.

You are right about pronunciation, it’s very important :slight_smile: But it’s not exactly the same as accent, which can differ wildly even in the same country…