What can I do for understand?

Hello everybody.

Today I am here to share with you one big problem I’m having.
I have used LingQ for 6 months and everything I learned was thanks to LingQ, I’m easier to understand the issues of LingQ and also other videos on youtube.
but I can not understand anything when I hear any news or watch a show on tv or some interviews and conversations also can not understand.

I have heard all the tips from steve to learn English and have learned a lot from him.
but I can not understand podcast he does with the mark and jill. Why?

This may be because I do not hear many authentic conversations?

What should I do to understand news, discussions, interviews?

I do not know what to do.

I think YouTube is a great gap between didactic content and authentic conversation because they are typically aimed at native speakers, but at the same time I find they tend to be a bit slower.

I suggesting searching for a topic you like in YouTube and finding a specific person that makes videos about it. Then, listen to all of their videos that interest you.

I do that often anyway.
Good luck!

Some ideas:-

Take 10 or 20 of Steve and Jill’s conversations, download them all and listen to them. Whenever you have time, study the transcripts on LingQ and save words and phrases (ask questions if you are not sure). Then listen and read at the same time. You could keep studying the same 10-20 lessons until they get boring. Then move on to the next 10-20. If you keep doing this, you will quickly start to understand their conversations much better. After you have gone through 50 or so, you might feel that you want to start from the start again. But I suspect by this stage you will be able to follow them without any problems.

With news, you could try importing newspaper articles onto LingQ, studying them, and then listening to / watching news regularly as well. I am sure there would be English news programs made for learners, whereby it is a bit slower and perhaps lighter in vocabulary. These could be useful as well.

Just some ideas. But if you try this kind of thing, and you find that you are getting bored, you are probably better off studying content that is of interest to you, as you are more likely to pay attention and ‘want’ to understand.