What books in Portuguese would you recommend. The genre I like is history

What books in Portuguese would you recommend. The genre I like is history

In this site you can find a lot of books from a lot of different themes.

About Brasil I recomend:

História concisa do Brasil - Boris Fausto;
História do Brasil - Boris Fausto (this one is quite big in comparison with the first indicated, hence more detailed);
http://editora.fgv.br/colecao-fgv-de-bolso - Livros de bolso(in this site they sell short books in different topics, I enjoy reading because it’s easy and worth; they have many of them);
http://funag.gov.br/loja/index.php?route=product/category&path=70 - some goods free books;
1964: História do regime militar brasileiro - Marcos Napolitano;
Raízes do Brasil - Sérgio Buarque de Holanda;
Da Monarquia à República - momentos decisivos - Emilia Viotti.

Of the world:

A Era das Revoluções
Era do Capital
A Era dos Impérios
Era dos Extremos - o breve século XX - All from Eric Hobsbawm, he’s a marxist but still being worth. You can find the equivalent one in english;
História do mundo comtemporâneo - Paulo Vincentini
Pós-guerra - Tony Judt

There’s more but I’m lazy and I doubt you will read all of these.


I assume 84 known words is not your real level in Portuguese. If it is, you’ll struggle with history books!

It’s not history, but I’m really enjoying A Saga das Pedras Mágicas, an adolescent fantasy series set in the Viking Age. There are eight books in the series and I’m on the third book now, so it’ll keep me going for quite a while. It’s great for my level with typically about 5-8% of unknown words per chapter. http://sagadaspedrasmagicas.blogspot.pt

Os Lusiadas :wink:

Hi guy106!

I enjoy reading Laurentino Gomes. The title of his books are: 1808, 1822, 1889. Interesting point of view.

Another collection I really enjoyed reading was: Guia Politicamente Incorreto…

Guia Politicamente Incorreto da América Latina

Guia Politicamente Incorreto da História do Brasil

Guia Politicamente Incorreto do Mundo

Guia Politicamente Incorreto dos Presidentes da República

and many others. Not all titles related to history, but i foud them very interesting.

Happy reading!