What are your top 3 keys to learning a new language?

Here’s 3 keys I think will help you get started: The 3 keys to language learning


Hi KiranLingQ and thank you for top your 3 keys. I saw and read the slideshare.net and I think that I help or will help me for change my perception how to learn better read and listen a language from zero and other languages.

Hi isabelle.gomez,

I’m glad you enjoyed it. Steve Kaufmann has a lot of other great Slideshares which are taken from his blog. Have you seen them yet?
Also, if you haven’t subscribed to his blog, I suggest you do. The tips and advice has really been helpful for me personally!

Hi KiranLingq. OK I do it

My would be:

  1. Spend time with the language.
  2. Be patient.
  3. Be even more patient.
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@Grigo92, Great advice!

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Sometimes I feel like I should listen to it more myself haha.

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Hello there.

My top 3 keys.

1 - Necessity to learn for some reason ( work,study,trip)
2 - Patience
3 - Listen and read on Lingq.

It seems very simple right? but has been working for my English, Italian, German, Spanish and now French.

Good Luck and remember, have a sense of humor. :smiley:

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With the mistakes I make as I learn Spanish, having a sense of humour really helps me to not get shy/embarrassed.

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