What are your "go to" websites for purchasing e-books?

After having done non stop search for finding free copies online and no other option is left and in any case, if you have to purchase it and import it into a ling system. What are your favorable sites for purchasing e-books?


amazon.com - however some have issues with the DRM and cracking it. I wasn’t able to get the plugins in Calibre to work right initially until I learned about the “download via usb” option from the amazon site itself…however I think this option is only available to kindle owners. That version of the ebook is crackable by the plugins you can use in Calibre, but even there I’ve seen other users not able to get it to work. So it seems hit or miss who can or who can’t and I don’t know what the secret combo is.

In other words I wouldn’t call it fullproof. I think someone recently posted about another piece of software that is able to crack the DRM that may work better.

Other than that, you’ll have to look for sites that have DRM free books. Might end up being mostly independent writers/publishers.

The Harry Potter books on the pottermore site are DRM free so you can import those with no issue. Get them from this site and not amazon.com (otherwise you’ll get a DRM version).

Pottermore Shop - Pottermore Publishing

Google Play Books. Super easy to remove the drm (with calibre) and there’s also great availability of audiobooks to pair the ebook with.
I find it has the widest selection of languages.

I LOVE Amazon Kindle books! Especially since I found Epubor to allow me to import them into LingQ. A huge advantage to Kindle books, besides the huge selection, is the low prices. Every day they have a sale on a selection of their books. In Spanish it’s usually between 3 and 6 books that are on sale for $1-$3 or so. They also have a LOT of free and inexpensive books for sale. Just go to the category and sort from cheapest to most expensive and it brings all the free books to the top.


Epubor now has an app that will de-protect a Kindle book via the Chrome web browser and the Amazon Kindle Reader plugin. It’s only $15/year or $30 permanent. A pretty good deal!

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Have you checked these websites: Free Books Online: 177 Links to Free Online Books for Kids & Adults to Read ? I never had to buy an e-book, I always manage to find it for free. I prefer spending money on physical books :slight_smile: