What are tips on LingQ?

I am translating some untranslated parts of the interface, but I have come to a few strings about “Tips”. What are they? I have never seen this word used on this site. Can you show me where it is used, so that I see what context it must fit into?

I guess this is addressed to the hints that show up when you hover over something for example the links, the question mark or other symbols on the website.

Yes, a “tip” (in this kind of context) is a helpful piece of advice, giving a person some inside knowledge that he or she might not have figured out very quickly if left to work it out alone.

See also: the verb “to tip somebody off” (= “dare una dritta a qualcuno”.)

Guys, I do know what a tip is! What I’m asking is: in what context is this word used in the LingQ interface? I have never seen these messages:

  • Sorry, no tips were created so far
  • Add New Tip

so, I cannot decide how to translate “Tip”.

Umm…it’s not entirely clear what you’re asking here Mike…?! ;-0

If you already know all the meanings of “tip”, then surely only YOU can figure out the best Italian translation in any given context, right?

(Or am I completely missing something here…??)

You must have unearthed a prehistoric version of the Interface, never visited before by humans, those early tips later evolved to editable (not edible) hints…

Thank you Michele for giving some context. It is quite difficult to help if information is missing.

Sanne is right. These are relicts of an older version of LingQ where the hints in the LingQs was called “tips”.

Ok, good to know they are relicts from an old version of LingQ. So I won’t care about them…

Ah, now I understand. (But in my opinion, neither “hint” or “tip” is really the correct word. I think LingQ should be calling these things “suggestions”…)

“Tip” is the correct word, but it’s a yet unreleased enhancement. :slight_smile:

Ok, so that’s why I hadn’t seen it anywhere. :slight_smile:

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed now, Tips are now on the site and will display on the Lessons page. If you have any suggestions for new tips, please let us know!