What are the qualities that make a good language tutor?

If you are taking an online language session, how do you know if your tutor is the right one for you? What are the most important for you as a language learner? What’s the main difference between a good teacher and "not that good’?
Thanks for your answers!

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In my professional however unlicensed opinion. I would say it all depends on your objectives while getting a language tutor. For example, I study grammar on my own, A bulk of my language learning is done by listening and reading, the use of an online tutor for me is basically a speaking partner who 1.) I find interesting enough to talk to for the duration of the session and 2.) Is patient with my mistakes. That is my opinion of a good online language tutor. Now you might want a language tutor who explains the ins and outs of every grammatical error you make. In that case that would be a good tutor for you. I would say before, if you don’t already have a tutor, make sure you have an idea of the experience you want from a language tutor and what you want to achieve from the interaction. A good language tutor would be one whose tutoring method aligns with your goals.