What are the meaning of words: computer plange; snibbit?

  • It’s just a storeroom where we keep the… snibbits.
  • What’s a snibbit?
  • It’s a kind of plange.
  • Oh, a plange for the computers?
  • Yes, computer plange.

I’m sorry. I had to put this topic in another place…

I really have no idea. It sounds like some sort of gibberish that the speaker uses for comedic value. I would not worry about it if I were you.

thanks! I also think that these words are rubbish.

Hmm… my guess is that a snibbit is a widget and a plange is a new self-sealing stem bolt

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^Urban dictionary has a creative way of turning seeming innocent words and phrases into something else.

The passage is a bunch of dialogue from a television show called The IT Crowd. In the scene, one character is trying to stop another character from looking behind a door, so he tells her there’s no reason to go in because it’s just where they keep the snibbits.

When she asks what snibbits are, he says they’re a type of plange.

Both words are made up, and only exist for the sake of comedy.