What are the dictionaries that power LingQ?

If I’m able to know this, what are the dictionaries that power LingQ?

I know that LingQ uses Google Translate, and I believe that LingQ also is powered by user submissions as well. I know LingQ easily allows me to go to sites like Contexto Reverso to look up things, but I was just was wondering if there are other dictionaries that are built into LingQ? I’m asking for myself, and I’m also asking to understand more about the differentiation of LingQ vs other things out there when I speak about LingQ to others.

At this moment we have exactly 188 dictionaries added and available at LingQ for various language combinations. Pretty impressive? :slight_smile: Depends on language combination you need a dictionary for, there could be more or less dictionaries available.


Especially if those dictionaries are built into LingQ, that is really impressive. I saw a YouTube channel that a person was asking what was the difference between LingQ and another program, what you’re saying here really can demonstrate the value of LingQ.

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