What are the best resources for learning Korean?

What are the best resources for learning Korean?

Hands Down, “Talk to me in Korean” is the best. I haven’t found anything close.
They have very easily explained grammar lessons… but they go slowly, concept by concept, and can really help you get going.

The other one is “korean from zero” which has a handful of good videos on youtube. Learn Korean in 5! Korean Alphabet Basics (Kin5 #1) - YouTube

The next best option is if you speak fluent Japanese… the Korean textbooks for Japanese speakers are much better than the crop we have to choose from.


Starting from scratch:

1.) Living Language Complete Korean – (not perfect, but the only professionally published self-study course for English speakers)

2.) Berkley Intermediate Korean – Web-based course that can be imported into LingQ – Decent text and very good cultural content. (They have a beginner course too, but I think Living Language is better for that)

3.) Talk To Me in Korean Intermediate, Iyagi series – Though their beginner content is great for reference, it’s the intermediate series where TTMIK really becomes a useful study course.

4.) Once you reach B2 / C1 in Korean, you’ll be on a constant treasure hunt for suitable advanced material. You can try uploading drama subtitles into LingQ, comparative reading with Korean e-books available on Google Play, Radio dramas with available transcripts, etc, etc. You’ll just have to see what can hold your attention the longest.

I concur about Talk To Me In Korean, especially the Iyagi series. I also use the book(s) Korean Made Simple by Billy Go. (He also has a YouTube channel and website.)

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Talk to me in Korean is really popular. I also recommend the site that Korean government provides for “free”. http://www.sejonghakdang.org/opencourse/koreanlecture/list.do

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