What are the badges and how to earn them all?

The forum awards badges. Cool! How do I find out what all the badges are and how to earn them?




LOL! Is that even possible???

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2 Billion likes in 1 day. We might need a few more users and turn it into a collective badge!

Ok I just found out there’s a daily limit for # of likes you can give in a day. If you exceed it (and it’s not even a very high number, so it’s actually easy to do) you are blocked from giving any more likes for a day or two.

Yup. But if you do it, you get a badge for it. And if you do it more, you get even more badges!

Can you tell I love badges? :smiley:

Also, I’d like to give your post a like, but I’m out of likes. :grimacing:

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Sadly, no badge, because the limit is too low, can’t earn the 2 billion likes in one day if you’re limited to something like 50. The badge is not possible unless you can find some way to avoid the limit kicking in, and that would probably involve doing something that would be against the terms of service, and if caught, then you’d be in an even worse situation, because then you’d have ZERO badges…

I think you get more likes as you get more trusted in the community. It starts at 50 for new users, but if you get to Member, you get more (I think). But anyway, 2 billion is never going to happen - I doubt there are anywhere near that many posts to like.

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