What are some useful lessons to import for learning french as a beginner?

I am currently using the fifteen guided lessons in the beginner section, which is proving useful.

In addition to these, there are 75 more mixed lessons in the Beginner 1 section (there’s many more coming in from the lesson feed I’m sure!) I initially thought I would complete all of these before I would move onto Beginner 2, but a lot of the content, admittedly is a bit dry.

I’m up for trying anything that is around this level, but ideally I am looking for content that introduces basic information in a compelling way, through real life, travel, news, education but also lessons that are specific in reinforcing certain grammatical elements such as verb conjugations, possessives, agreement, tenses, use of different word classes and so on. ( the “Français niveau débutan” 62 lessons seem to be good for this.)

An idea I had was to import content based from the Maternelle curriculum, and develop a sort of custom syllabus for myself as a sort of “base” lesson in addition to other lessons.

The difficulty is just finding appropriate and interesting content based on my level, that isn’t completely random :confused:

Any ideas?


I dont’ know anything abotu learning French at LingQ yet (that is my next project and why I plan to follow you if you’re a serious student). However, I have heard people talking up the “mini stories” for fairly new learners. They weren’t around when I was starting Spanish so I’m not sure if they are right for your level or how interesting they are. But it’s worth a look.

The mini stories are definitely on my list, but I think they are bit too difficult at this stage, maybe another couple of months or so and I might be in a better position. In terms of being a serious student; I believe I am in certain aspects and am not in others. As far as learning and acquisition goes; I’m all in; but in regards to how I approach that learning, I’m trying to be as relaxed and free flowing as possible.

There’s some videos where Steve goes through LingQ using the mini stories as learning examples with a learner via video messaging. This might give you some more insight about the lessons;

Learn French at LingQ #3: Verbs, Getting Started - YouTube

Thanks for the response.

I did the first 60 lessons (30min, 1-2 lessons per day) of Pimsleur French and it really helped me get an intuitive feel for the grammar and pronunciation. For reference, I had no prior french knowledge.

Oh yes, I remember this one. To me, I always thought that LingQ and the mini-stories were more suited to a high beginner. But since there were no mini stories when I started, I cant’ judge them as a beginner myself.

THanks for the reminder. I’ll remember this when I start French.

As a beginner all the useful ones are probably in there already.

I think for a closely related language like French, the Mini Stories should be fine to start with. I’m personally doing them now for Korean, with minimal prior exposure to the language and I find them quite productive. If there’s a verb form that you get stuck with, or a particular expression, the lessons are basic enough that a Google search should sort that out for you nicely.

I actually hesitated using them as early as I did for a language as different as Korean, but you’ll find that you quickly get into the swing of things and you cover ground much more quickly than you might otherwise. I’m glad I took the plunge - as of this writing I’m almost halfway through the collection.

When I began French back in 2007, I started with the “Who Is She?” series which is still available. That plus the mini stories should give you more than enough to chew on. Good luck with French!

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Hey there, I started my language learning career with french for 198 days and now I am able to listen to my vast amount of collected stories over hours. (Some stories are 20 minutes and longer)
Some wonderful stories I have had listen too 20 times and more.
It was very helpful for me to find the stories from ALICE AYEL (" french the natural way" ,also available over You Tube) in the LingQ-collection. You can see Alice Ayel in her videos as a great storyteller. She created a special beginner course level 1 and 2.
Also is it helpful for understanding the context, that she has drawing the story with a lot of little pictures on a little painting-board. So it’s amazing for my effortless understanding what’s going on in their stories.
Now I am able to listen to her other stories from her new “homeland” Portugal. (“Au Portugal” the new stories))
Of my point of view, Alice Ayel has an attractive and calm voice, that you are never getting bored or " running nuts". That’s my recommendation for learning this soundful language.