What are coins, streaks etc?

Is there a basic guide to coins, streaks etc? I am curious, though to be honest I hate gamification. I speak as a Duolingo survivor, an app I loathe. I have searched and can’t find anything. I have a feeling it satisfies those people who want encouragement to learn.

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streaks can help you build a habit to study a language everyday. For this, you could read the tiny habits book or something similar. There is no gamification, you decide on your own what to do and if you want them or not.

Coins don’t do much at the moment, I think they are a metric to calculate your overall activity. There was an avatar before but it’s been killed (rip Avatar). You can easily don’t bother about coins. The team is thinking to do something with it in the future.

On LingQ you just study and do push-ups with your reading and listening. You are the master of yourself.

You can participate to some challenge if you want to, it is up to you.


Thank you. I will ignore coins then.

I don’t use streaks, and oddly enough though I study every day, it keeps telling me a streak has gone, and I can repair it for money. Hi ho, thank goodness LingQ is much better than Duolingo.


I think coins only serve to repair lost streaks. The problem is that I can’t find the way to see how many I’ve earned in total (not just on a day).
As for avatars, I’ve just learned they’ve decided to drop them but they still refer to them in the Help section, as well as to “the apple”. They should remove this information from the guide because it’s all really confusing.