What about Lingq chat?


I thought it would be cool if the site would have an exchange chatroom for members, where you could chat with friends in your target language and create lingqs at same time while you chatting…

I think it would be a nice way to talk with native speakers, and at same time to create lingqs and improve.

Just an idea. Let me know what do you think. thank you

The idea as such is a great idea! One snag I can see is the question of points. Members earn points for tutoring. How would you deal with that?

in tutotring you have a tutor trying to point and fix your mistakes, and thats why its a paid service between tutor and student… In my point of view the chat should be a free service between students of different languages, and without any tutoring. just informal chat conversations where you can make more lingqs, since you are talking with natives of your target language, the phrasses will be 100% accurate and you can create lingqs out of that. Thats the way i see it. I think this chat would be a big plus for the website and lingq would have more users.

We have actually given this some thought in the past, and took a look at some potential ways to add this. Unfortunately it turned out to be quite a bit of work to implement, and would be quite a bit of work to maintain (e.g. taking necessary action where abuse/harassment is reported). For now we’d decided to keep focusing on improving the current system by making things more responsive and easier to use. Perhaps some time in the future we’ll have the manpower to implement and maintain something like this as well, though in the meantime members are more than welcome to post messages on the forum or on each other’s profiles and communicate there :slight_smile: