What about bahasa indonesia?

Hello everyone,

After three trips in Indonesia, I decided to learn the language. I started with the Assimil method ?

Are you interested by this language and what kind of resources do you use to learn : method, podcasts … ?

Thank you for any advice.

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feel free to ask me about bahasa, i am native indonesian speakers
this is my website: https://captionterbaru.com/

I started with the Mini Stories available here. In parallel with that, I went through grammar chapters from a textbook I’ve bought (ignoring the rest of the book. At least for now).

Now I concentrate on texts from http://www.ketawa.com - a website containing several hundreds or thousands of jokes and anecdotes. I find it to be a convenient method for me - jokes are sufficiently short, funny, and I believe that they will eventually cover all the basic vocabulary.

In parallel with that, I go through the Rhino Classics course available here in the Malay section. The differences between both languages are not that big to cause me a problem. At east so far.

I also started out using the Malay section on lingq. I just finished first year Indonesian at university- I would import transcripts and audio from my course into the malay section.
(https://tals.une.edu.au/indonesian-way/ . I think these lessons are exactly the same as those in my uni course :slight_smile:

I recently started using the Indonesian section on lingq. I’ve imported the first Harry Potter book (https://archive.org/details/HarryPotterDanBatuBertuah), and I’m working my way through that. I try to import lots of news articles too, and occasionally netflix subtitles. Although the malay translations on lingq seemed to work well 80% of the time, I worry that it could become less reliable for me as I get to more advanced levels, and precision becomes important. Better to use it for specific malay content now.