What about an overall streak counter?

There’s a streak counter for each language, but there’s no overall streak counter. If someone hits their daily target for five days in German and then switches to French for the next five days, there’ll be a 5-day streak (broken) in German and a 5-day streak (ongoing) in French. With an overall counter, the user would also have a 10-day streak on LingQ. I think it would be an excellent feature to keep track of your daily engagement with the platform.


Thanks for your suggestion. Something like that isn’t in plans at the moment, but maybe one day.

By chance, I just checked challenges in the different languages that I am touching.
I have joined “Streak with Steve” in Persian and am following it.
I changed to Mandarin and was told in the challenges section that I am already participating in “Streak with Steve”.
Do I understand correctly that I can participate in “Streak with Steve” in only one language at a time?

The “Streak with Steve” challenge is not connected to language, so you can’t join it separately for each language. It’s a separate challenge.

Zoran, thanks a lot for xour reply! If I understand you correctly, that would mean that in case I have fulfilled my target in let’s say English for five consecutive days, then switch over to Persian and fulfill there my target for one day, I would be in a six day streak.
Is that what you are saying?

No, you need to maintain a 90-day streak in one language. It can be any language you want.

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