What about a miscellaneous section?

Hi all

I was thinking that it would be great if there were a miscellaneous language section on Lingq. Here people could post their collections from languages that are not common and that would not really attract a lot of people, but could be of interest to a few.

I for one have some things I would like to post in Afrikaans which is a language spoken only in South Africa and so would not interest many people, however, it would be great to have somewhere to put these things so that I could share them.

Other languages of interest with a small following may be Lithuanian, Swahili, Georgian, Norwegian, Slovakian, Danish, etc. It would be great if we had one place where we could share the content we have. Instead of keeping it to ourselves.

What are your thoughts on this?

It’s not going to be fully functional once you learn several languages in one slot. What we really need is a more liberal approach to organizing the system, as it is in LWT.
In fact, just creating slots for every language, that has an ISO code (except of those with writing systems incompatible with LingQ) and enabling users to manually specify dictionaries would work just fine.

By the way, as you’ve mentioned Swahili, may I ask you to be the second person to vote for it here? https://www.facebook.com/questions/10150249705278786/

Well, it’s possible to begin a little project somewhere, some sort of wiki-like site, perhaps. There, you could put up texts and add links to audio, and invite others to do so for other languages.

Great ideas guys :slight_smile: Thanks for the input. :slight_smile: I’m definitely keen to start something up if anyone is willing to help.
Eugrus, I voted for Swahili. Have you tried to learn it? It’s a very simple language. :slight_smile: I speak a bit of Xhosa (a Bantu language) so I think I’d probably be able to learn it easily. :smiley:

Since eugrus mentioned the beta language poll on Facebook, may I ask everyone to vote for the European languages? You may add me on FB and vote for all “my” languages! Thank you everybody!

@Kish Not yet, but I love the sound of it and have some nice materials to start with one day :slight_smile:

@Eugrus I like it too. A friend of mine learnt it at university as sort of “starter language” (she did a languages degree). Once they finished with Swahili they went on to Japanese. Apparently, as Swahili’s easy to learn, it can really help you get your head around learning a new language. :slight_smile: