Welsh as a beta language

Are there any plans to add welsh to lingq any time soon?

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We will gladly add any language for which we have enough study content prepared. We require at least 40 Mini Stories translated and recorded before we add a language to beta.

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I have found a site with 10 mini stories - clwb malu cachu - short stories as a start. Is it possible to add Welsh as beta anyway as I realise 10 is too few stories but other courses lack mini stories, such as Norwegian which only has 25. Additionally, adding it as beta would help people interested in learning Welsh add content as they find it.

Norwegian was added way before the Mini Stories project started, it had other content available. But we will get all 60 stories in Norwegian as soon as possible too.
LingQ MIni Stories are same in all languages, so we need them translated and recorded.

We have lot of requests for many languages to add them, each day. So we need to follow some rules and have requirements before we add a language. Otherwise, all other users would complain if we add for example Welsh, and not Thai or Hungarian, which are both highly demanding languages for which we are working to get all stories done.

If you know anyone who can help us get stories done in Welsh too, just let me know.

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Ok, thank you.