Welfare and Well-being

Hi friends, reading a news in RT News there is a little bit confucion about these words.
Could you explain me please which one is the difference?

The two terms mean almost exactly the same thing.

Thanks, but always it write together? the welfare and well-being, or it´s enough only one term?

One term is enough, the use of the two terms together is just a style choice. Notice throughout the statement this rhetorical device is used. There are many uses of “and” connecting two similar words: “military and security forces,” “welfare and well-being,” “US and other foreign citizens,” “safety and security,” and, finally, “mission and its personnel.” This is a style of writing that Pompeo’s speech writer prefers.

Really interesting, thanks for your help. Today I learned something new.

I think there is a subtle difference between these two words although they are very very similar. Welfare is about basic needs being met and well-being is about higher needs being met. For example ‘being on welfare’ means you receive support from the government to survive. Well-being suggests that as well as being able to survive you have happiness and meaning in your life. As the others have said it’s not a big difference at all but I hope that sheds a little more light on it.

I agree, but how can say it in Spanish? May You tell me please? And thanks for your help.