Weird title on YouTube imports

A lot of my imports from YouTube have a number attached to the front of the title. I see no logic behind the number, but all the imports on the same day will have the same number.

Sometimes I can delete this number from the title and sometimes I can’t. Sometimes it looks like I have deleted it, but it reappears when I hover on the title.

These strange numbers make the titles look “messy” when I share them with my students.

Is there a reason for these numbers? Can they go away?

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Strange, what browser extension are you using for importing YT content?

The LingQ importer V 2.3.10…on a laptop running Chrome.

This weird behavior started a number of weeks ago.

I just noticed something else. When I hover on titles (all titles, not just the YT ones), the system is automatically translating them to either English or Spanish, depending on the original language of the title.

Is this a LingQ feature?

Our team is looking into the issues you reported.

Hi Jingle. Yes, it is a new feature, we added automatic Google translation to lesson/course titles on hover, which works on lesson/course cards on Library page, on lesson/course modals on Library page, on Search Results Page, Course Details Page.

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Ok…so that’s a nice feature…

I suppose that the weird numbers then are a separate “feature”. Hopefully they can be eliminated.

Today’s chosen number is 29. It is put in at the beginning of the title of my import from YouTube.

Does anyone else see numbers on their YouTube imports?

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