Weird timeline - last 10 hours, than posts from April

The timeline on the Exchange page looks a bit weird. If I scroll down there are posts from the last 10 hours. Then the next post is from April, 30th. The posts in between are missing.

Hi Vera! I have checked this on my account. I came across some April posts as well. All of them are about “conversation times”. I am not sure, but maybe it is because some changes have been recently done to these posts. However, if I continue scrolling down, posts are again in the right order.

The timeline is strange enough. I’ve selected: Showing Alle studying Deutsch from Alle Länder (Showing All studying German from All countries), but there are a lot of conversation times posted in the timelime for other languages like English, Spanish etc. That makes no sense if I search for “German”.

All over all the timeline is annoying compared to the comfortable timeline we had in between where we could choose if we want to see conversation times, blog posts, forum posts, shared roses etc. And it is too small to read it comfortably. You have to scroll to much.

Hi Vera, thanks again for your feedback. I agree with you in many points.

In the current Exchange when you select German, you see the activities of all members studying German but not necessary activities in German. If somebody is learning German and French, you will see this person’s activities both for German and French. It is probably not perfect now but we are not planning to change it immediately. However, we will, for sure, keep this in mind for our updates in the future.

I think a lot of the potential from the timeline is wasted, because you see so many things in it that are not interesting, that you probably oversee the interesting things. It is not user friendly. Just my humble opinion.