Weird problems with word counts

I have an item that I edited twice, one using firefox, and the other using IE (yes, I’m a little crazy about using IE and firefox at the same time…) and now my word count is really odd:
-536 new words, and -53600% of new words (yes, negative values)
It was an item I had imported and I can easily delete it and re-import, but I think you would like to know about this strange event.

By the way, my known words for today is negative too…

Thank you, Ana-paula. I’ll let our technical staff know.


Thanks, Jill, for your attention.
I just deleted the item, and re-imported it, and then it seems ok now (at least, the new words count is a positive number).
But I just discovered that the last 3 EnglishLingQ podcasts appear with the same problem to me: large negative numbers.

They also appear with negative numbers to me as well.
From the podcast #185 to the last one #192, in the Workdesk tab, Listen still does not appear in the assignment box under Read.

Thank you, Marianne and Ana. We are still working on resolving this issue.



These issues have been resolved.