Weekly reports

I have just received my first weekly report and I am tickled to bits with it! Even though I can look at my progree statistics on my profile page at any time, it’s still really nice to have a snapshot that I can keep and compare to those from other points in time.

I feel there is scope for some more statistics on the report. It notes which lessons I have studied, but not how what level they are or how hard they were for me (ie % of unknown words). It also doesn’t note my total progress to date, eg total number of known words. If I’m going to keep my reports and flick back through them it would be nice to see the stage I had reached at the end of March 2010. not just how hard I worked that week.

Lastly, I thought that it was my weekly report in Russian, yet it is almost entirely dominated by my activity in English. Under the circumstances the mention of all my English activity seems slightly reproachful, like it should be under the heading: “This was what you were doing when you should have been learning Russian, matey!”

Must go because I’m being sent to bed :frowning:

Helen - Some good thoughts on the report. We will add those suggestions to our list and hopefully make some refinements to these soon.

I too love the weekly reports and look forward to going back through them in the future to chart my progress.

One figure that is missing is total known words at the time of the report - the same number from the embedded badge, which as-is automatically updates each time you look at it. Would be handy to be text in the report in case a report got misplaced or not sent.

@skyblueteapot have you ever made a chart of your progress? Good input for discussion in the threads “Can we learn words by reading?” and any about learning multiple languages at the same time.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll add it to our list :slight_smile:

As the end of the year approaches I was hoping to review my progress over the year using the weekly reports. The number of words known at the time of the report is missing, which makes mapping my progress over time difficult. This year there were many missing reports because of the various major system updates.

So my Christmas wish this year is to have “the number of known words at the time of the report” added to the report so at next year at this time this type of reporting would be possible. The embedded badge is dynamic and shows the current number of known words, regardless of when the report is sent. Just a wish - I know there are lots of things on the to do list. :slight_smile:

Yearly reports… sounds interesting! We’ll see what we can do to enhance the Weekly Report :slight_smile:

Putting the name of the language in the subject line of the LingQ Weekly Report would be good for those of use who get multiple reports…

Thanks Keke we’ll add that to our list.

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