Weekly Progress

Something wrong is with the “Weekly progress”. When I got up today, everything was okay, then LingQ was down and the values was changed.
I think that the numbers of activities are pretty pretty wrong.

For example:
Hours of Speaking: 0.3 - it is quite nonsense since I have a conversation every day ;
Words of Writing: 23 - nonsense as well, since I write roughly 20 words EVERY DAY ;
Known words: Today morning I had over 400 known words and now I have only 59 - nonsense as well, because I have been working on several lessons for last three days.

So, Weekly progress is not really right at this time.

Same for me… yesterday I had like 2.7 hours of listening and today I had 1.7… I added an hour then, and now when I look again, I have 1.3… And I had around 250 known words and now 79… and 2000 words of reading and now 428.

yeah, I did not write about hours of listening and reading, but it is same with these activities as well, as Lisa mentioned


we’re already discussing this problem in another thread (called “Progress Snapshot Problem”). Mark is already investigating this - hope he’ll fix it :wink: