Weekend Language learning

does anyone else find it very difficult to study at the weekends?

during the week I am usually very good keeping up with my routine of 2.5 hours a day of Spanish learning but as soon as the weekend comes it is very hard to keep that routine going where I am trying to improve my listening currently I am happy if I just do my 1 hour of listening over the weekend as it is better than nothing.

anyone else have this problem?

On weekends, we tend to break the routine. Since we have more time, we usually prefer to do different activities rather than being on the desk reviewing and learning stuff. It’s good to have a break from time to time (To recharge our batteries)

I don’t find it difficult since I tend to spend my time on things that I enjoy. I’d watch a video of my favourite youtuber or listen to a podcast about my favorite subject anyway. Of course, a language learning process isn’t so appealing at the beginning stages but as you progress you may find yourself “studying” the language without really thinking “I need to spend that amount of time on language learning today, that’ll do”.

Don’t try too hard to stick to a very strict routine, it’s the easiest way to destroy motivation. Get used to changes of rhythm as your level and circumstances change. The main thing is for you to study on an almost daily basis, meaning you study a bit on most days, allowing for occasional missed days here and there, even a few in a row at times: it happens to the best of us

Yeah as nice as it would be to be able to study every single say things happen and we want to be enjoying our lives not just focusing on learning a language.